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Minnesotans are practical people, and this is a practical solution. The 300-seat McKnight Theatre in the Ordway is being converted to an 1100-seat Concert Hall. The Concert Hall will be a much more efficient and effective use of this real estate. It will be the new home of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and will be used by many other music organizations.

The expanded capacity will relieve the scheduling pressure on the current 1900-seat Music Theater. Yet the overhead costs of the new Concert Hall will be significantly less than those for a new stand-alone venue. And the campaign’s endowment will further defray the cost to use the Concert Hall and Music Theater. In a community known for its choral and musical groups, it will create many new and exciting opportunities.

Take Your Seat

Seat-Naming Contribution Levels

The grand opening of the Concert Hall on February 28, 2015 will mark a historic moment for Saint Paul and the community. We invite you to make your own mark by naming a seat within the new Concert Hall. Your tax-deductible gift places an inscription plate on the back of the seat(s) with your name or the name of someone you wish to honor, memorialize or celebrate. This timeless gift secures a place in history and contributes to the long-term health and success of the Arts Partnership. Your contribution will help foster and showcase the artistry of all four partner organizations in a new premier venue. Thank you for celebrating the collective legacies of the arts partners by naming one or more seas in the new Concert Hall.


Main Floor Center $2,500
Main Floor 1st Tier $1,000
2nd Tier $500


Take Your Seat