Put your name down in history

We invite you to consider making a lasting impact by dedicating a seat in the recently built Ordway Concert Hall. This opportunity is a visible way to commemorate your family, business, or a loved one. Commemorations will be engraved onto a metal donor plaque on the seat you choose – and will continue to acknowledge your generosity for as long as the seat exists! Your commemoration will serve as a reminder to future audiences of your commitment to the Arts Partnership and will ensure the sustainability of the Ordway for many generations to come.

Your contribution is 100% tax deductible as allowed by law. Please note that naming a seat does not in any way imply ownership of that seat, and you are not guaranteed to be seated in the seat when purchasing tickets or subscriptions.

Or contact Hayden Howland at 651.282.3031 or [email protected] to make your commemoration over the phone.