The Arts Partnership Fund is an annual funding effort on behalf of the Partnership. Gifts to the Fund support important facility and maintenance improvements that maintain the Ordway as a world-class performance venue, as well as reductions in utilization and operation costs that benefit the four Partner organizations. In addition, funding makes joint programming like Ordway Inside Out and our presentation of the Sphinx Virtuosi possible.

Please click Donate Now above or contact Amy Marret at 651.292.3270 or [email protected] if you would like more information about the Fund, or would like to make a gift.

Checks can be made out to Arts Partnership and mailed to:

Arts Partnership
345 Washington Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102

To transfer a gift of stock, please ask your broker to initiate a DTC transfer to The Arts Partnership’s account at Raymond James (details below). Please notify Amy Marret at 651.292.3270 or [email protected] when you initiate a stock transfer, and we will be glad to confirm with you when your gift arrives.

Account details:

Depository Trust Company number (DTC number): 0725
Account Number: 853H5377
Account Name: The Arts Partnership
Federal Income Tax Identification Number: 26-2507419

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Thank you to the many generous donors to The Arts Partnership.

  • Suzanna and Bryan Altman
  • Fred C. and Katherine B. 
  •    Andersen Foundation
  • Hugh J. Andersen Foundation
  • Mark Anema and Kate Ritger
  • Nina Archabal
  • Karen Bachman
  • Jo and Gordon Bailey
  • Lynne and Bruce Beck
  • John and Judy Wolak
  • Patricia A. Beithon
  • Carline Bengtsson
  • Inez Bergquist
  • Stephen and Margaret Blake
  • Sharon Bloodworth
  • Susan S. Boren King
  • The Boss Foundation
  • Judy and Arnie Brier
  • Christopher Brown
  • Robert Cattanach and Allyson Hartle
  • Anne Cheney and William S. Mitchell, Jr.
  • Birgitte and John Christianson
  • Ryan Clanton
  • Becky Cline
  • Senator Richard Cohen 
  • Jane and Ogden Confer
  • Annette Conklin
  • Joanna and Richard Cortright
  • Eleanor R. Crosby
  • Dee Ann and Kent Crossley
  • Mary Cunningham
  • Sheldon W. Damberg
  • Jay and Rebecca Debertin
  • Annie Deering and Tige Hutcheson
  • Dellwood Foundation
  • Mike and Leah Dixon
  • Rick Dow
  • Ecolab Foundation
  • Vicki and Chip Emery
  • Anna Marie Ettel
  • Richard and Adele Evidon
  • FEG Investment Advisors
  • Doug and Karen Flink
  • John Seltz and Catherine Furry
  • Joan and William Gacki
  • Cléa Galhano
  • Judith Garcia Galiana and Alberto Castillo
  • Patrick Garay-Heelan and Erin Heelan
  • Rajiv Garg and Sangeeta Jain
  • Nikki Glaser
  • Diane and Mark Gorder
  • Kathy Gremillion
  • Terry Wade and Bonnie Grzeskowiak
  • Laura E. Halferty ♢
  • Lindsey and David Hansen
  • Hardenbergh Foundation
  • Christopher Harrington and Shariska Petersen ♢
  • Rickie and Donna Harris
  • Hammel, Green and Abrahamson, Inc.
  • Dorothy J. Horns, M.D. and James P. Richardson
  • Brian Horrigan and Amy Levine
  • Anne and Stephen * Hunter 
  • Ann Huntrods
  • Ruth and John Huss
  • Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad
  • James E. Johnson and Lucy Rosenberry Jones ♢
  • Bill and Jane Johnson, ♢
    Noreen Charitable Trust
  • Eric and Elizabeth Jolly
  • Ann Juergens and Jay Weiner
  • John C. and Kathleen A. Junek
  • Phyllis Kahn
  • Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen
  • Barry and Cheryl Kempton 
  • Diana Konopka and Keith Larson
  • Kyle E. Kossol and Thomas M. Becker
  • Stephanie J. Kravetz
  • Drs. Linda E. Krach and Robert L. Kriel
  • Randall Kroll
  • William and Diane Kuhlmann
  • David and Laurel Kuplic
  • James and Gail LaFave
  • Gregory and Darla Landmark ♢
  • Libby Larsen and Jim Reece
  • Kenyon S. Latham, Jr.
  • Mary and Barry Lazarus
  • Mary E. Schaffner and Robert L. Lee
  • Cynthia and Lawrence Lee
  • Seth Levin and Maria Nosanow
  • Jon and Patty Limbacher
  • Jeffrey H. Lin and Sarah Bronson ♢
  • Eric and Mary Lind
  • Andrew Luft
  • P.T. and B.B. Magee
  • Mairs & Power, Inc. 
  • Franck and Amy Marret
  • Laura McCarten
  • Edwin and Susan McCarthy
  • Jeninne McGee
  • Matt Majka, Minnesota Wild
  • Patricia Mitchell
  • Alfred P. and Ann M. Moore
  • David and Leni Moore 
  •    Family Foundation
  • Betty Myers
  • Judy and David Myers
  • Peter and Karla Myers
  • Mary and Joel Nease
  • Richard and Nancy Nicholson ♢
  • Diane Nixa and Kurt Hochfeld
  • Lowell and Sonja Noteboom
  • John Nuechterlein
  • The Allegro Fund 
  •    of The Saint Paul Foundation
  • Robert Oberlies and Colleen Ryan
  • Patricia O’Gorman
  • Robert M. Olafson ♢
  • Paul D. Olson and Mark L. Baumgartner
  • John and Marla Ordway ♢
  • Vaughn Ormseth
  • Nancy C. Orr 
  • Deborah J. Palmer and Kenneth L. Rich
  • Bill and Anne Parker
  • Dan Pennie and Anne Carayon
  • David and Diane Lilly
    Peravid Foundation ♢
  • Dwight A. and Marjorie S. * Peterson
  • Janet Peterson
  • Jason and Kate Piehl
  • Nicholas Pifer and Amy McNally
  • Eric Prindle and Dr. Emily Anderson
  • Prudential Financial, Inc. 
  • Barton and Kimberly Reed
  • Karl Reichert and Reynaldo Diaz
  • Carleen Rhodes and Byron Gilman
  • Barbara and John Rice
  • John Riehle and Peg Lindlof
  • Carolyn Roberson
  • Mallory Roberts and Jonathan Lilenthal
  • Jack and Marty Rossmann
  • Kennon and Nina * Rothchild 
  • Christine Sagstetter
  • William and Susan Sands ♢
  • Michael and Shirley Santoro
  • Kathleen Schubert
  • Securian Foundation
  • Kim Severson and Philip Jemielita
  • Laura Sewell and Peter Freeman of The Sewell Family Foundation
  • Teresa and Ron Sit 
  • Eric Skytte and Valeria La Rosa
  • Kevin and Lynn Smith
  • Craig Solem and Greg Clark 
  • Nadege J. Souvenir and Joshua A. Dorothy
  • Michael and Sherry Spence
  • Missy Staples Thompson and Gar Hargens
  • Dan and Robin Stoltz 
  • Carley, Bill, Kirsten, and Carolyn Stuber
  • Andrew Sun
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Anthony Thein
  • Jill and John Thompson
  • Beth Toso and Eric Freeburg
  • Maria and Chris Troje Poitras
  • UnitedHealth Group 
  • Paul and Amy Vargo
  • Mary W. Vaughan
  • Bernt Von Ohlen
  • Carlton Voss
  • Ronda Wescott
  • Jane and Dobson West
  • Nancy and Ted Weyerhaeuser
  • William White
  • Timothy Wicker and Carolyn Deters
  • Elizabeth and Bruce Willis
  • Lani Willis and Joel Spoonheim
  • Paul and Cara Wilson
  • John Windhorst, Jr.
  • Justin Windschitl and Dustin Schmidt
  • John and Judy Wolak
  • Brad Wood and Colleen McGough-Wood ♢
  • Margaret V.B. Wurtele

    * In Rememberance
    The Arts Partnership Fund is also supported by a portion of the proceeds from the Ordway Enchanted Garden Gala. Deepest thanks to these donors for their additional major support of the 2022 Gala Fund-a-Need.